Girls Near Me For Dating Or Friendship?

I will be talking about the dating vs friendship clash even though nowadays it is quite common lets discuss more about it.


In buddymaze there are a lof of boys who think that we only use buddymaze for dating, No buddymaze is a professional buddy network it is not just for dating. It can be for any purposes and its upto us how we react to it. So when guys approaches thinking that the girl is also here for dating lets flirt with her make dirty jokes just remember buddymaze will take action if you do any perverted stuff here moreover the user can just block you. Anyways so guys do understand that yes we would love to date you but also understand this sometimes we need a good friend. So if we are nice to you does not mean i want to sleep with you.


Buddymaze does a great job at finding nearby buddies but when i notice guys thinking that since im near to the guy he and i should go on a date thats stupid. You can ask me for a coffee or a hangout not a date come on boys, And yes obviously i would love to date but a guy who would show passion and care to me not just straight ask me to go to bed with him.