18 Benefits of not going into a relationship :P

I will be discussing the 18 benefits of not going to relationship and how it helps you in your life.


Many people could not love that
Regrettably, life also claims to be a failure,
Himself the greatest traitor in the world
Says. Tell them who doesn't love love
But you've got a big left over
Read the post and be happy. 

1. If you do not love to spend money
Not so much. KFC, Star Kebab, and Pizza
Talk about spending the whole month going to Hut
Don't forget to waste money unnecessarily.

2. Do not suffer from mental turmoil. Day and night
The head of his head quarreled over minor issues
Do not tear.

3. Lots of money to buy any type of gift

Demand will not be needed.

4. You can sleep peacefully at night, studying
Be careful.

5. Listen to any kind of nonsense
Will not

6. That intense after the marriage of girlfriend
It is free from pain and suffering
Will stay The lover is married to another
If it's a night of trouble like that wedding night
Will not come into your life

7. If you do not love you cheat
Don't be.

8. You are not one of life's players
No need to suffer severe pain,
That you are good

9. Maintain good communication with friends
There will be, Blake, in the words of Nia in love
No need to mail, so many of you
Money will survive.

10. If not love the most implant
The benefit would be to get married on time
Do not read, before your own feet
Stand up! Then marry the girl like choice
Do it You are happy, family is happy too.

11. Don't lie, boyfriend-
The lover doesn't have to talk about oil mines.

12. You will be saved from the words of a scoundrel,
To be content with what you have

13. Many devas in love
Become addicted to the results! If not love
If you do not increase your legs by 8%
The possibility.

14. Love, love is a passion. Value
Swimming prone to pride
If you do not, it will be premature
No chance!


15. Love is a close man in love
Turns away, your meditation
Only he and she are in the basket of knowledge. Family in it
Peace is wasted

16. Don't waste time, love love haw
More than any Today it is empty today

17. There is no chance of getting mad, so Pabna will go
Don't be afraid!

18. If love lives for 3 years, that's it
No one will live more than one day, I

I will be happy to do you a favor.
But if boring, nothing to do