Is it necessary to meet everyday when you are in a relationship?

So i always had this thing on my mind that should i meet everyday with my partner and is it worth it? so thought of writing a blog


Is it important to meet every day in a love relationship? Experts say, 'Not an emergency at all.' Instead of love, hate will be born there. However, it is not the same for everyone again. Vedas are different in age.

Sultana Algin, associate professor of psychiatry at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, said: "Although not very important to see, understanding is important. If one can understand the other properly, then love will be strong even if not seen regularly. And if you meet someone every day there is a fear of losing importance. '

However, there is a great deal of age difference among psychiatrists. In this case a teenager would like to stay with his loved one every hour, while young people may be happy to meet two to three days a week. As you get older, the desire to meet also decreases. However, to keep the love intact, couples of all ages have to have open-mindedness.

It is reported that several couples of different ages have been told in the making of the report that while being a student, there is a tendency to meet loved ones every day in love. Riyadh (pseudonym), a student at a university in the capital, said, "If you do not meet your lover one day, it is upset. Of course, when you go home, you trust the phone. Then I try to see each other's appearance through video calls. '

Another way was found near Farzana Parveen (pseudonym). Farzana, who is looking forward to her job after completing her studies, said, “Our love is five years. I am looking for a job. So do not be seen every day. However, talk is done at least once a day. We are not having problems due to lack of visibility. However, I will meet you in time. ”

The US Census Bureau estimates that 1 million married Americans live far away from loved ones. However, if there is a logical reason, it is not an obstacle to love. So the phrase 'out of site, out of mind' is prevalent? Sultana Algin said, "As I said at the beginning, there has to be a compromise between the two. However, if one does not meet a lover or lover for irrational reasons day after day, then that relationship will not last. Therefore, special days should be given importance. ”Besides, it is important to have the courage and the mentality to open up to your loved one. 'I have trouble in my heart and I have not told anyone else, even though it may be a loss of love.'

Every day, different kinds of issues come to the fore. Things that can be followed by conflicts, love can be bored. So not just every day, but a certain amount of time keeping in mind the love will only grow.