Are There Dangers Associated with Standing Desks?

Standing desks have already become a new trend. They are known for reducing or even eliminating some health issues.


It has already become a tradition that any office job is connected with increased risks of:

  • Getting a constant pain in the back or neck;
  • Obesity;
  • Problems with blood pressure and cardiovascular system;
  • Diabetes, and some more unpleasant conditions that can be provoked by a sitting job.

A good height-adjustable desk, like this, which height can be adjusted depending on your wish to sit or stand when working, can solve many of the mentioned issues.

A Standing Desk Can Help You Avoid and Fix Many Health Issues

When you are sitting during the most time at work, you unavoidably start gaining weight. Even if you go to the gym several times a week, it doesn’t bring a wished effect. It happens because, in the gym, the calories are burnt so fast that your body perceives it as a danger. Thus, it tries to compensate for the losses, and you feel hungry. Thus, you eat and the calories are regained.

If you are standing at your desk or at least interchange the standing and sitting periods, you still burn calories. But this process is very slow. Your body doesn’t worry and you don’t need to compensate for the losses with food. Thus, you lose weight. With it, many health problems are eliminated, such as issues with the cardiovascular system, blood pressure, and some more.

While sitting, your back takes a position that is not natural, hence, you get a pain in the back. If you are standing, your back and neck rest in a natural position. Even though you might feel tired from standing, but you will avoid pain in the back and neck.

Finally, a standing desk allows you to diversify your activities. You can walk around the desk, readjust its height to sit for a while, and similar. For additional comfort, equip your new office place with an ergonomic mouse, a special carpet to reduce the stress on your feet, and similar.

What about Dangers Then?

Well, of course, there are dangers. Your productivity increases immensely, as well as your mood improves. Your management can notice it and load you with more tasks. Or maybe you will be promoted? Thus, even if you have a new standing desk, make sure you follow the mood of your boss and adjust your activities accordingly.