TOP 10 common myths about relationships

There are a lot of myths about relationships so today i will be talking about it


Myth 1: Love is irrational

Not at all. No expert is needed to prove it. Imagine that you love your partner for certain reasons. Those are your arguments for love. The philosopher Barrett Brogard says that people love someone just because of the way they think about love, they love someone fiercely, and they don't love anyone at all.

Myth 2: Love never goes out of love

So far wrong. Psychologists say, 'Falling out of profit' is very normal and normal. People come out of love in a very reasonable way, keeping in mind their own advantages or disadvantages, which means that they no longer feel love for any human being. The one who breaks and the one who tolerates the break-up decision breaks this misconception.

Myth 1: Love is a special physiological state

Love depends on the brain. The direction of the brain is behind the feeling of love. When attracted to someone, certain hormones are released into the body to control the brain. These hormones give rise to the feelings of love that people feel in their bodies.

Myth 1: The pain of being hurt in love is more than a physical injury

Experts say that the greater the pain of a fatal injury to the body, the greater the likelihood of suffering when hurt in love, because the activity of the neuron is the same in both cases.

Myth 1: Finding the ideal partner or partner is a lot like picking rice

Hannah Fry, a mathematician, says finding random people is not a random action. The rule of thumb increases the chances of finding the right person easily. He says the age, profession, language, likes and dislikes of mixing all these things become smaller in scope and therefore the probability of finding the ideal partner decreases. If you reduce the hardness of the meshmeshi rather than increase the likelihood of finding a minded person. Many successful couples on earth but opposite poles.

Myth 1: There is nowhere more ideal than the current partner

Many people would think so. Many would again think that a human being is more beautiful or more gentle or more head-cold or more realistic than any other partner, and that he is the ideal. If you think and move this way, you will have to run all your life. Cannot be spit By the way? Hanna Frye gave a tip on the 'optimal stopping' of mathematics. He says first count the number of people you have dated so far. Absolutely eliminate the first 5 percent of the number from the ideal partner's potential list. After that, it is better to choose a partner from among those who will remain. But after finding a partner again, it is difficult to say whether you will be able to become a thief in your lifetime.

Myth 1: Conflict of love strengthens love

Psychologist John Gotman says more anger originates from anger. Mummering about, shaking the foundation of love does not, in fact, harden.

Myth 1: In order to receive unrequited love, that much love must be paid first

Gottman says that the kind of thinking that exists in relationships, that relationship will last very long, says Gottman. Ideal love is one where both people love each other without any conditions.

Myth 1: Love is not unpredictable or unpredictable

It is always predictable what direction a relationship can take. Love does not break in a day If that happens all of a sudden, then you have to understand that the basis of the relationship was messy and that no partner ever saw or understood the symptoms well. Psychologists can tell how long a relationship lasts, only after reviewing how a couple overcomes the tension of a relationship or how they say good and bad to each other.

Myth 1: Sex is reduced between couples when the primary attraction is cut off

For physical reasons, age can decrease with age, but as long as sex is maintained between two and rightly 'love', sex is not reduced by any means. Lack of mutual love affects sex life and it is less for attraction-less, more for emotional distance. And sex is not just 'love' in physical attraction